Friday I started to work at the Banbury Therapy Centre. I have been asked to provide a set of pictures that provide a sense of what they. What they offer is a facility for therapists to come and work. There are various therapies available and when we discussed the various rooms it was explained that they wanted images that reflected the moods that they considered to be relevant to the likely uses they may be put to.

Things went well, despite the continuing snowfalls outside and I was finding some inspiration when the call came through – “come home”! I did, and what was normally a twenty minute drive turned closer to two hours. These are the downselected shots that I’d chosen and packaged up/emailed to the centre before the end of the day, my intention is to go back and finish the rest of the rooms, take some guidance from the Group as to any preferences etc they may have and get the job done next week.

However, when I started to compile this entry I looked at the BTC site to contrast and compare – I couldn’t remember what shots they had previously and I found that they have already uploaded a number of the images! I can see one that needs a bit of rework, but heyho!

I wanted to try and get shots that implied balance – Relate and other conflict resolution groups use this facility, hope, warmth, safety. The light wasn’t good and I had wanted to use natural light as much as possible. I had no problem about using high film speeds and with the tripod long exposures wouldn’t be an issue (though I would’ve appreciated a couple more stops of light to give me some ammunition!).

Anyway these are the images I sent.