Assignment Five reworked.

I’ve said all I want to say about PowerPoint presentations. My tutor suggested some changes to the presentation. I have decided to stop all the animations and transitions and make it a static presentation. I have written up my text (it was in manuscript format in my note book – so at least it will be readable now, whether it will, be comprehensible will be for others to decide

Assignment five 2 reworked

The link the original is here



4 thoughts on “Assignment Five reworked.

  1. It is comprehensible to me and the footnotes add some flesh to the bones as well. I think it’s a very good framework for study. All that’s missing is how that’s going to affect your future practice.

  2. Thanks for taking the time Catherine – much appreciated as it took ages to load on to the system with broadband bandwidth so poor here. I have spoken a bit about future practice in the next post.
    What it does inform me is the relatively few people who want to engage in the discussion, how society has marginalised the movement as well as the artforms that permeate around it. Perhaps Saturday will help illuminate?

  3. Following you was really interesting and more than often inspiring John. Your journey was obviously a rewarding journey… Like Catherine suugest, I feel always in the doubt with UVC, but I know how much I get from it, the assessment will probably not be the best one for me, but I know deeply how it would have change in a good way my practice… and that’s the important part… I wish you best luck with it!

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