Assignment Six, critical essay



5 thoughts on “Assignment Six, critical essay

  1. Lots of good thought gone into this John. I need to re-read it but I was wondering about the question of intention. As I understand Tom Hunter’s intent was to take stories from the local newspaper and remake them in the form of ‘old master’ paintings. His idea being to elevate the mundane to the level of high art. So I wonder if you are saying that he should not have reconstructed a scene involving a stripper because the only way to read it is in terms of it being an image made for the male gaze.

  2. Thanks Keith. No I don’t think that Hunter’s original intent should have been something else, his work in collapsing the space between worlds/classes is something I particularly admire in his work. However the two image of his I chose, there are others in a similar vein that I’m sure you know very well, allow the ‘gaze’ question to asked quite readily. The original paintings typify that objectification as much as Hunter ‘s comments on attitudes today, perhaps as a subtext and not part of the original intent. My point is that there appears very little movement in ‘Male’ gaze and the medium has hardly been troubled by its counterpart which is what I found refreshing with Kluppel’s challenging work.

  3. I keep reading and re-reading this John. It’s well researched and argued. I must be well-conditioned or something else is going on because I find Kluppel’s work more than challenging. Would need to discuss in person to work it out – maybe on Wednesday?

    • That anyone reads it at all I still find surprising, that you have read it and re-read it I find very flattering!
      I didn’t mean to demean Klüppel’s work as I think it is very nuanced and has a great deal of depth. I am in contact with there about her series ‘Mädchenland’ which I find fascinating and I’m hoping to receive some text about it shortly which I will share.
      Very happy to talk on Wednesday.

      • I don’t think you’re demeaning it at all. I find the images of the young men disturbing somehow for a variety of reasons, whereas I don’t find Hunter’s images disturbing. Yes – hopefully talk more on Wednesday.

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