Assignment Five submission

I have submitted the attached PowerPoint presentation to my tutor for assignment five. The difficulties of presenting to a laptop computer cannot be underestimated, so as a performance it lacks a great deal. I tried various microphones and this recording, whilst still not very professional, is the best that I could manage – time will tell.

Assignment five presentation final


15 thoughts on “Assignment Five submission

  1. John very comprehensive review. I really enjoyed the spoken words…

    … but I confess that at times I struggled to link your spoken words to the words on the screen. The references to other slides were also difficult to take in. I kept wanting to go back to previous slides (without starting from the beginning of the spoken section again) to recap or to follow your references but found myself unable to do so perhaps because I am not sure how to drive Powerpoint.

    I kept wondering if it might have worked better for me had there been slightly fewer words on the screen and many more pictures. This would have allowed the verbal overview to take charge of the presentation.

    I can sympathise with your concerns about having to use a Powerpoint presentation. I kept thinking that the work would have been much easier to create and edit using a video editing tool like Final Cut Pro. In video format one could also play back to just the right place to listen again to the your commentary.

    • I knew there would always be issues with a ppt presentation – see Eddy’s response below! Classical training is to keep the visuals to a minimum as they can confuse and don’t repeat the words on screen – it creates a discourse between images and words – something we’ve both worked on! However if the viewer is remote, and has limited experience with the software, then that will add another layer of complication to the viewing experience.
      Thanks for commenting however, all grist to the mill.

  2. I’m not sure if you realise John, but on slide 3 the first line of text that appears is behind the image and can’t be read.?

    My take is that the text colour is wrong as it’s very difficult to read the words on where the opacity of the images tends to blend with the text colour.

    Hope this doesn’t sound too negative, but that’s my impressions.

    Unlike Keith, I couldn’t hear any spoken words at all??

    • Thanks for trying Eddy and sorry you couldn’t hear the commentary. The issue with compatibility is one that I foresaw, but with only fifteen minutes to play with decided to hope for the best. I have delivered well over a thousand ppt. presentations in countries all over the globe; there isn’t a single standard – screen defaults, editions of the software, operating system, systems with and without speakers etc etc meant that most of those presentations needs a rehearsal of some kind to align presentation to host system in order to have a reasonable chance of presentational success. I did recheck after your post and the slide show on two of my systems seemed to work ok. Not sure what to suggest? But thanks for trying, and no it didn’t sound negative. 🙂

  3. John, I echo many of Keith’s comments about the visual text and the spoken word in your presentation. There is a lot of content in both and some decidedly interesting material to be communicated, but some of it gets lost – particularly in the early part of the presentation – as I decide whether I should be listening intently or concentrating hard on the (sometimes moving) text. Unless, of course, you are making a powerful feminist point about multi-tasking!!
    I have a, perhaps, provocative question for you. If you are doubtful of the effectiveness of PowerPoint, why not go a different direction, whatever the assignment brief might say?

    • Thanks Stan, I’m hoping my tutor can play it (ha, ha).
      I’ll leave the last question to another time….
      As for the first point, there would have been a difficulty whichever subject from the course (the student was able to pick any subject studied) and do it justice over a 15 minute presentation – I suspect, compatibilities notwithstanding, there would always have been more content than opportunity. However I am particularly interested in the subject and would welcome a discussion with anyone on it. I had hoped to have one on the student site, but that didn’t really materialise – not sure why not.

      • Well, John, I’m always up for a discussion; and I do have views on Feminism – though they are a lot less well-informed than yours. And that was why I, for one, didn’t get involved in the discussion on the student site. Jayne would tell you that I can get quite animated on this topic – but doing so from a less informed position amongst a group of bright people in an online forum discussion would not be wise. Hence my silence!

  4. Tomorrow we celebrate 38 years of marriage, not bad! I have just collected two letters, which obviously contain cards, both are addressed to Mr & Mrs John Umney……

    • You patriarch!! My wife also adopted my family name and on 24th August we celebrate 40 years of marriage….perversely we are buying one another new red bicycles…my wife will call hers Ruby!!

      • Ha Ha! I’m a little surprised it isn’t a bicycle made for two – with your reserved seat at the back-end! Congratulations in any case.

      • I’ve just passed the 50 year mark (not being competitive of course!). Regarding cards – apart from the address issue I’ve also noticed that if a woman writes inside a card she starts with the wife’s first name, whereas a man will start with the man’s first name.

  5. I also found the Powerpoint very interesting overall. Like the others though I did have some problems in making complete sense of your dialogue alongside the slides, particularly with slide 6 where you referred to Slides 3 and 4 as being of images (I think).

    As you say, there is so much content to put into 15 minutes, especially without an ongoing dialogue between yourself and your audience. Your voice sound clear and strong and also ‘impartial’ I think. You are certainly brave to have chosen this topic.

    • Thanks for the comments Catherine.
      The dialogue was tedious in that for each slide I had to record the narration in one go, so inevitably I would make errors and have to go back time after time; I know it’s nowhere near perfect but the common thread of the comments are something I need to take on board – along with those of my tutor of course, which I suspect won’t be for a week or two as I’m going away.

      On your comment about being brave I thought I’d be braver not discussing it as I have been researching it for so long, that by avoiding it I would be considered a trifle cowardly – I still have a lot of material to go through and this presentation goes nowhere near all of my thoughts.

      Congratulations on fifty years! I remember going to my paternal grandparents fiftieth and there 42 grandchildren in total (more were being produced at the time). We have four – different times eh?

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