Truth and Justice


This was an interesting, if small, exhibition at the Jam Factory in Oxford last week.

The ‘blurb’ accompanying this show was what enticed me ‘in’, not that it’s a difficult decision to make, a short detour on the way home from the Fusion Arts Centre in the Cowley Road where I volunteer for the Artscape Group….

“Art has an important role to play in helping us see the “wood from the trees”. Artists have the opportunity to stand up and point out the injustices and the lies. They can describe the parameters of where real truth exists or at least the direction in which it might be found. Art can create images that encourage people to think and can raise uncomfortable questions or challenge the entrenched, the bigoted, the smarmy marketing pulp or the bullying sales attacks.”

Theses images, in the main, used the lenticular printing process in a very interesting way, and for the most part I thought it worked very well, as one viewed the images from slightly different directions the images morphed between two images, thus the possibility to present two facades of a narrative in the one space. Or to present complex issues in a complex way, thereby perhaps compounding the argument, by amplifying it as in this print regarding the depiction of the female in art/media.

photo 5 (1)c2


or to be playful with it as here:

photo 3c2I find myself between two Warhols and looking down upon Monroe.

The first image is captioned ‘Idol War presents a modern Bayeux tapestry featuring scanned images of the prelude and subsequent events of the Iraq War as reported by the international media’ had a particular resonance in the work on documentary that I have been working and researching on. The titular Idols, being the main stage players in a media developed spectacle seemed only to be missing, or perhaps it referred to ‘American Idols’ – the reality talent show whose function is to develop ‘viewership’ for advertisement revenue. I thought the scope of this small show was quite ambitious and wondered only about one piece of work:

photo 3 (1)c2



Accompanied by this homage to both a patrician society and to the artist who produced it.

photo 4 (1)c2It subverted my view of the intent of the show somewhat, albeit that the show was a ‘Group’ show of artists in using the lenticular printing method, by the show’s heading was Truth and Justice, and most – except this ‘deep bow’ readily yielded their interrogations on Truth and Justice, whereas the image of ‘Her Majesty’ might have suggested – without the use of the detailed explanation – a viewer sourced question, whereas we are being told of our Majesty’s position as head of the realm in which I live. A piece of idolatry too far for this citizen.





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