Postcript two



Small tidbits of news and updates from Echoes Group, at the session today I was given some postcards made by Fusion Arts (who host the Echoes Group). The cards were done as part of the Need/Make/Use project that I participated in – the central bar contains images that were used in the ‘Memories’ project I did with the Group and which formed the basis for Assignment 2. I had to edit the images so they would work in screen printing – the project has been written up on the Pitt Rivers Museum blog here.



The large prints (four of them each by one of the participating groups) were in the region of 12 feet by 9 feet and were created in about three sessions, the postcards make them seem less bright than they were in reality, but nevertheless they will be a welcome addition to a small collection of postcards. I also had a chat with the owner of the Armenian archive who is conducting research for a book that he will be publishing sometime; he is interested in me working with him to prepare some images to illustrate his book – I think he is some time off from needing the prints and I think it unlikely it will top the best sellers list, but its an interesting opportunity I will follow up with him. Posts on the archive can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Postcript two

    • Thanks Catherine, yes it was a good day and the clinical staff who were at the session today were all very happy about the compliment, the postcards though were a nice surprise.

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