Another postscript to Assignment Two

I had an email today from the Director of Artscape in whose gallery the ‘Memories’ project is currently hanging. it read:

Good afternoon Tom

I work at the Highfield Unit and used to have regular walks along the Warneford corridor to reach the canteen – I was always impressed by the artscape work, but never fed this back to anyone. Since our unit has moved to a new building on the Warneford site I don’t walk the length of the corridor any more – however today I had a meeting further into the building and was really taken by the recent ‘memories’ project. Please will you let the people who took part know how impressive it is, and how very moving it was so see the things people had chosen. As a family therapist I never cease to be in awe of how amazing families are!

Thank you very much,



Family and Systemic Psychotherapist

I thought it was nice.


3 thoughts on “Another postscript to Assignment Two

    • Thanks both. I am going to the gallery space on Friday for a meeting to discuss the next exhibition, how it is to laid out etc so I’ll seethes one again and now they have put some words at the gallery which I will see for the first time.

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