Calendar project





First downselects and trying out different formats, some with text. I’m not overly happy with either of the formats and whilst I think that some of the individual images are ok I’m unsure of the couplings, much more work to do I think. I have a lot of image resource and have another session with the group next week. In two weeks time we return to the Museum of the History of Science where they have invited us to a private showing of the artwork made in the overall project – the schools and Echoes Group – which will be the final session of the project and of this calendar year.month 3 version 2c2

month 3c2

Month 6 version 2c2

Month 6c2

Month1 version 2c2




I have to think very seriously about how I represent the group, it’s users and my feelings to the project and assignment. They are becoming confused and either I need to rid myself of concerns of exploitation and complete the assignment knowing that hardly anyone will ever see the work as created for the course. Or should I try and make a piece of work that expresses my concerns about the subject that will likely not achieve the aim of the assignment requirements? Dilemma. I think I need to either focus on the images that express my concerns, whether that is a coupling or individual images and see where that takes me.

Month2 version 2c2


Month4 version 2c2


Month5 version2c2



5 thoughts on “Calendar project

  1. I was wondering in what way people are becoming confused? I know it is a pragmatic approach to set aside your concerns over exploitation, but do you really want to do this? I guess I feel that your principles are more important than expediency for an OCA project….

  2. I think Keith has picked up on what can seem to be a double-meaning here. I read it both ways – other people first closely followed by your own confusion. If you do a piece of work that expresses your own concerns it needn’t be shown to anyone else possibly. I think it’s important for your own confidence etc and it doesn’t need to be either/or.

  3. Keith, it’s me who is confusing things in my own mind, it’s me that will have to come to terms about how I represent the users of the Group and in the end I won’t compromise them (the users) for the expediency of the course.
    Looking at the edit I realise that I have tended to compose and construct images that have a positive feel about them, and whilst I feel that society is largely leaving them behind, their overall attitude is positive, constructive and inspirational. I had assumed that I would naturally focus on their situation and perhaps that would have more ‘impact’ visually, and I do have those as well, but I am struggling about using them for the reasons above.
    Catherine, I think what you are saying is that I could use this assignment to explore things as hardly anyone will look at it on the blog and so it would be a chance to ‘see how things would look’? The final piece will go to my tutor and that will be the end of it. It’s certainly a thought, I know I’m grateful for both of you taking the time to consider.

    • No I’m not saying that John. I was suggesting you could explore just for yourself in terms of the issues there are for you, e.g. if you laid out what you see as ‘objective’ observation as much as you can, and not for the blog, certainly at present, then it might give you a direction. that seems right for you.

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