Assignment two revisited


My submission for assignment two – here – was limited to the extent by which I could post about it. I sent all the prints on a disc to my tutor who viewed them and returned them directly to me. This was done because the subjects were users of the Echoes Group – a dementia support group that I am a volunteer at (having received an honorary employment contract from the NHS and hence governed by their confidentiality clauses). After the end of the ‘Memories Project’ which I led as the lead artist there was some discussion about hanging the work created at the permanent art-space at the Warneford Hospital which hosts the group that I work with. It was decided to request authority and clearance from the users to be able to present the work and the attached pdf is the printers proof from my original files. The work will be hung in a couple of weeks for viewing to the general public. I am thrilled that it will be so, and I know the users will be similarly excited about seeing their work on display, I suspect we will all decamp there for a viewing in the not too distant future.


2 thoughts on “Assignment two revisited

  1. It is interesting to see this work finally. It fits well with some of your other explorations, such as that opening exercise with your own images and the work with your mother. I think it will work even better in large scale when one can get close to the pictures and really take them all in. Good luck with the exhibition.

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