Artist project, words.

For the artist project I have asked each of the subjects to provide 50 words that describe their work.

Now all four have submitted their words:




Each piece consists of alternating multi-tiered layers of acrylic and oil paint, applied with a variety of implements, to aid application of paint during mark making. Drawing from nature, I try to relive the experience of being outside. Light, spatiality and the process of painting are key to each piece.


Sua standing aside

Sua standing aside

I do believe creativity is in us all, but for me it’s a need. It keeps me sane and full of joy, and I can’t ignore it. Sometimes it seems like there are lots of images in my mind, all jostling to get to the front and be made manifest.




My art has been the single most pleasurable, rewarding new factor in my life over the past 7 years. It enthuses me in a way that no other interest, or work role has done. The irony is that  I have always been reticent to ‘sell’ myself in work settings, preferring the quality of my work to speak for itself. Yet, I have chosen (potentially, in time) a second career that requires even more self-promotion in an over-crowded art market place. Bring it on. I want my painting to define me, in a way that I have not allowed anything else to fully do before. I am comfortable calling myself an artist.


I have loved nature ever since I was a small child, and particularly love the autumn countryside – the colours, shapes and forms of the fruits and berries.  Even now I cannot resist the temptation to pick up conkers, acorns, fir cones, etc, just for the pleasure of their shapes, textures and symmetry.  I love living and walking in the countryside, and get immense pleasure from attempting to recreate in watercolours the beauty I see around me.


2 thoughts on “Artist project, words.

    • That’s interesting as for this post I deliberately chose the images that had the artists less ‘connected’ to their work. When I submit it will have the images that have them more closely associated, either by focus or by physical position

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