Artist project, Dirk

The third subject for the artist project is Dirk. A South African by birth he emigrated to England some time ago with his family and like all the other artists in this project doesn’t earn a living from the work that he creates, though still very important to him.



Work area

Work area

Work in progress

Work in progress

This process is now three quarters complete and the material is becoming clearer to me as I move through the work.


I am conscious of a number of things whilst processing these images. Firstly the construction of the images now seem to fall very quickly into the ‘Art as a projection of identity’ trope that I wanted this assignment to be concerned with. The concept that the results of their creative sense of identity that these artists possess, is being foregrounded, whilst the ‘self (physical)’ is being reduced outside the appearance of the work. The assignment brief is to provide a series of images that present people with a common theme, but the theme here is the ‘Art’ of the people and as such it is the art that will be sublimated at the expense of the artist whose physical presence in the image is secondary. The artist’s in this series are therefore depicted regarding their work and the spectator, without facial recognition, even of people they don’t know, sees the work in relation to the individual as an artist.

Dirk’s work is largely landscape bases and tends not to be inhabited by figures, his son though is an accomplished painter as well and tends to favour the human form, I make this observation for interest only.



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