Assignment three – artists and dancers, update

The concept for this project is about projected identity. I have two projects dealing with this, artists and dancers. For the artists I plan to photograph 4 different artists in their studios, have them pictured with a piece of their work, at work, a piece of their work which the artist feels best describes them and have them generate fifty words that sums up their approach/feelings about art. They will all see the finished work – only of their involvement, not the others and be asked to chooses one of the three images that they think best describes them – as an artist.

It is taking longer than I would have hoped, but nevertheless progressing. The dancers project will have an update later today when I meet up with one of the dancers. So this post will be about the artists.

Julie's work

Julie’s work

This piece by Julie is the one she chose to best describe her work. It is a large piece – somewhat over seven feet high (I had to staple it to her studio wall), it was created as a work when she was studying for her second BA in Fine Arts. It is a very free work, lots of collage and layers and typifies her very personal approach to landscape.

I have arranged appointments for the second pair of artists, one will be this Friday and the last one will be 4th November.



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