Artist project, Sue

It may have been that I had taken some time to ‘stake-out’ both venues that I’d planned with Sue to take these photographs, it may have been that I am very taken with the main piece of Sue’s work, it may have been that I knew what images I wanted to create – whatever it was, this session, over two sites (quite near each-other) didn’t take very long. Similar to the session with Julie, Sue had a an instinctive understanding of what it was I was doing when we discussed her involvement a few days ago.

The first session where I wanted to create an image of her large 3D piece ‘Cocoon’ in a friend’s barn worked very well. I had taken a tungsten floodlight with barndoors, but the sun shone and filtered through to pick the work up and differentiate it from its surroundings. This work is what Sue picked to exemplify what her work is at the moment, Sue provided this as a description of the Cocoon. summary-cocoon.pdf


9 thoughts on “Artist project, Sue

  1. I guess its me remembering being an artist….photographers would come along, photograph my work without permission and then have copyright over the image!!!! How unfair!

    So anyway, looking at the cocoon photo from a fine artist’s point of view I think that the textural element of the cocoon looks important, also the 3d nature of the cocoon, the volume of it – both needs to be conveyed by the lighting, as otherwise it looks a bit too 2d, this matters because it reduces the sense of it as enclosing and renders it less haptic.

    Hope its ok to say so – I find that not everyone sees things the way I do which I think is due to my fine art background:-)

    I’m not that sure where you’re going with it though so possibly this is irrelevant.

    I have been photographed as a working fine artist and the photographs exhibited, the photographer instigated it as part of some work about women artists and their “space”. I found it was impossible to actually work with a photographer in the room, so I had to fake it! The photographs of me focussed on my “space”, my studio, this was as much a reflection of me than work in progress could ever be.

    Anyway, there it is – I do really hope I’m not speaking out of turn:-)

  2. The photographs of the artwork are very striking. For some reason the photograph of Sue from behind doesn’t work as well for me…She seems a bit too crowded into the bottom left corner…I find myself wishing she was standing to the left and not obscuring the cocoon….lovely space and light for the shoot..

    • Interesting Keith! I made some other images with Sue separate but felt that “including” her in the work
      , as it were, made some. T
      Her tones seem to meld into the cocoon. I’ll think about what Anne and you have said

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