Artist project, Julie

The first session in the artists project was Julie. Having a BA in both Graphic Arts and Fine Arts, she instinctively sort of knew what I was looking for in this project. I had explained that I wanted to try and project her identity, and the other artists in the project, through their work as artists.

For this project I have four artists, although that word has connotations. One of my subjects doesn’t like the word artist as she feels hers is a craft and artists belong in exhibition halls and museums. Another feels that the word is a male dominated term and that she feels hers is a creative discipline, I haven’t had the conversation with the only male in the group yet – he seems to be easy with any term, but we shall see. I don’t have any disagreements with how these subjects prefer to identified, after all this project, I have decided is about identity.


I have asked all the artists/creators/craft workers to allow me to take their portrait facing their work, thereby sublimating their work and not themselves; I also want to picture the tools of their art/craft etc and also capture them at the process of creation. I will also take a picture of one piece of work that they feel projects their identity most vividly. I have also asked “Oh, and can I also have about 50 words that describes what the art/craft/creativity means to you”. I think that will add to the introspection that these volunteers can provide.

These pictures from today do not have the ‘Identity’ picture, I will go back next week and make that one and also I haven’t yet had her 50 words.


8 thoughts on “Artist project, Julie

  1. Great start John…I really like the photographs taken from behind with the art work in front…it somehow reminded me of Elina Brotherus’s work….I think this is because she did some self portraits in the landscape where she assumed a position with her back to the camera in the same way as the ‘Ruckenfigur’ in some of Casper David Friedrich sublime landscapes.

    • Thanks Catherine, I have a session on Friday with a textile worker who produces really fascinating 3D work, she has several books of her work already published – really interesting work.

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