Time to move on

I have come to a decision of sorts. This nexus has been informed by several factors; chiefly the changing circumstances at the Echoes Group, but mostly how I feel about my need to get in deeper with the subject in order to provide greater personal legitimacy.

I have failed to remain detached from the Group, my inclination to engage at a more and more personal level is something that I have an issue with; to not to do so would, at this stage in my work work with the Group, would mean that I had, in my terms, ‘short-changed them’ – when I know that if I sacrificed other interests, studies, home life etc it would ameliorate some of the inner issues. So I can’t take any more from them as I’m not prepared to give them any more than I do at present. If the Group carries on – which I would say is at best 50/50 at the moment – I am more than happy to volunteer my Tuesday mornings to them. But I won’t commit to more than that, for all sorts of reasons.

This means that I won’t be doing anymore course work with the Echoes Group – certainly in the near term – and I have a few ideas about the next assignment. I am, I have to say, unhappy about this decision as I had hoped to form a body of work within a framework defined by the Group. Maybe I will be able to return to it in the future – I hope so


3 thoughts on “Time to move on

  1. I don’t think you “short-changed” them, but I do aware of that feeling. When I was made the official photographer of a women football team, I felt the connection become too personal for me to turn down the events I don’t want to go. But guess what, if you don’t set the boundary, one day you will have resentment against those people in the group. In my case, I got worn out very quickly and I don’t think I do them or myself any favour.

    I wish you luck in the next assignment.

  2. A hard decision to make, John, but I think it was the right one. I still think you made a big impact on their lives and you gave them a lot. All the ebst with your next venture!

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