A punctuation point

Things not going well…….



There may be some rethinking about how this particular project continues – this is all for today’s visit and accurately describes the position at present


11 thoughts on “A punctuation point

  1. I hope things picked up. Is this your Artscape project? Sorry I haven’t been around for a bit but am struggling to keep up with everything I have on hand. I can see you’ve been really busy. I have some leave planned over Easter so hope to have a good read through all your posts then.

      • What a pain. I’m a bit stalled as the doctor tells me I should rest until after I’ve had an mri scan on my back. Am feeling v fed up, (and bored).

      • A pain about the Trusts concerns I mean – I was asking at the hospital about photography in connection with an exhibition we’re having and was told there were issues….so dropped it – I was thinking of long exposures so no-one was recognisable, but the manager couldn’t work out what i was on about!

        Its great about the new project after Easter though!

      • There is some confusion in amongst the ranks, but I have erred on the side of discretion. The chap who runs Artscape has a degree in fine arts from Brighton, so at least knows what I am about. I’m quite looking forward to the project and will post some stuff on it here. Jose (who was my tutor – but not anymore as he’s moving on to other things outside the OCA) suggested that a ‘directed’ project might work quite well – we’ll see,

        Hope the mri scan reveals nothing dramatic, I had one and an arthrogram(?) which revealed pinched nerves and was asked whether I wanted an op’; I said no thanks and will keep taking the tablets. Good luck with the boredom.

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