Friday I started to work at the Banbury Therapy Centre. I have been asked to provide a set of pictures that provide a sense of what they. What they offer is a facility for therapists to come and work. There are various therapies available and when we discussed the various rooms it was explained that they wanted images that reflected the moods that they considered to be relevant to the likely uses they may be put to.

Things went well, despite the continuing snowfalls outside and I was finding some inspiration when the call came through – “come home”! I did, and what was normally a twenty minute drive turned closer to two hours. These are the downselected shots that I’d chosen and packaged up/emailed to the centre before the end of the day, my intention is to go back and finish the rest of the rooms, take some guidance from the Group as to any preferences etc they may have and get the job done next week.

However, when I started to compile this entry I looked at the BTC site to contrast and compare – I couldn’t remember what shots they had previously and I found that they have already uploaded a number of the images! I can see one that needs a bit of rework, but heyho!

I wanted to try and get shots that implied balance – Relate and other conflict resolution groups use this facility, hope, warmth, safety. The light wasn’t good and I had wanted to use natural light as much as possible. I had no problem about using high film speeds and with the tripod long exposures wouldn’t be an issue (though I would’ve appreciated a couple more stops of light to give me some ammunition!).

Anyway these are the images I sent.















8 thoughts on “BTC

  1. This is interesting, John. Some of the shots really do convey the sense of warmth, safety and security. I particularly like the first 2 images and the one near the end, with the big settee and coffee table. There’s one I don’t think works so well, with a table and chairs that look squashed up in a corner by a door, and I feel the settee under a window looks a bit chilly, but generally it looks a lovely place.

  2. Gives a good impression of different spaces for different needs. Agree with Jill re the ones that work less well but I think that’s probably more of a feature of the room themselves than your images. The Centre looks an interesting place – good to see that the Director has a background in Gestalt psychotherapy and Integrative psychotherapy.

  3. Thanks both for these comments, much appreciated. I was quite surprised that they posted some of as fast as they did. I don’t think I would want to make a final selection until I had taken more. But it is likely to a long journey.
    Catherine, I did start the Gestalt conversation – started to get confused, so I will have another go at it another day!

  4. I can see why they have used the images so well. They do indeed convey a feeling of order and balance, if a little austere. I was wondering if they just wanted photographs of the space. Without people the spaces seems a little lonely. There is a definite sense of absence about them.

  5. I wasn’t expecting them to have used them so quickly, when we discussed the project we talked about people being involved but I wanted to explore the spaces first and then see where it went. I’m only fairly happy with two or three of them and of course happy that they have used them, but I’m only at the start of this project, so I expect to capture a lot more and with people in them – though due to the nature of the place permissions will need to be sought carefully. Thanks for your comment though.

  6. I really like them., John. As someone who works at the Centre as a therapist, it seems odd to see them without people, but of course most counselling clients don’t want to be photographed! It’s important that the space is inviting but also neutral, so it’s interesting to see how you’ve portrayed them.

    • Thanks Sue, was back there this morning – fighting through the snow again! Your last sentence suggests that I’ve missed either the neutral bit or the inviting bit? I managed to get a shot with people in – you may know them!

      • No I didn’t mean that – in fact I think you show them as both. Some of the rooms aren’t all that inviting actually…I’m always trying to get them more so.

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