Gordon Parks – A Harlem Family

A Harlem Family 1967

This is a first for me, but I saw this wonderful piece by John Mason which seemed to chime with so much of what I see this course to be about that I sought permission to add it to my learning blog. My own attempt to position my thoughts regarding both Parks and DeCarava seem to pale by comparison. The writing I found both moving and poignant, covering areas which are still relevant today, and I am glad John gave me permission to present it here. I have ordered a copy of A Harlem Family 1967 and will post something about that after it arrives.


3 thoughts on “Gordon Parks – A Harlem Family

  1. Certainly a wonderful piece to read. It made me remember when I did my sociology ‘O’ level as a mature student. There was a lot about the macro/structural issues which needed to be tackled versus on the spot remedies re relieve hardship. I could never understand why there was always this division of either/or. Why can’t both remedies be tackled at the same time?
    ps Please don’t make me buy yet another book …….

  2. Thanks Catherine, regarding your comment I suppose institutions and people become “camp” driven and to break out of that mentality might seem like submission. I’m really looking forward to the book, though the shelves are starting to really groan now!

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