The start

In the process of collating all the course work for People and PLace before shipping it off to Barnsley for assessment in a few days time. My first reaction when I opened the folder was to notice the step up. The level of independent research, the requirement to provide evidence of learning in short essays took me by surprise – not least because I have enrolled on the new Documentary course as well – which seems on inspection to be similarly challenging. My tutor has suggested to make sure I have completed Assignment One before starting the Documentary course, I had anticipated not starting until the New Year in any case.

When I (re(re))started last year with this course I suppose I had hoped to be where I am today, somewhat fearful of the road ahead, somewhat concerned that I haven’t overreached myself from an intellectual perspective and somewhat wary that my self confidence will take another nose dive again. I remember thinking something similar around Assignment Two of P&P but slowly I brought myself out of that hole, with encouragement from my wife and other students and the last three assignments were very rewarding and exploratory for me. I have really gained from the studies of photographers and the exhibitions I’ve been to and will continue with them. I am no longer bothered by the politics of business and massive corporations, I am now retired so will be able to focus on this Art of photography, I am directing a play again – the first time for a few years – which will be on in March. I have a column to write before 15th November. Perhaps rather too many I’s. The way ahead  is sure to be rocky, but I have started to build a coterie of student cohorts (almost) that I know I can rely on for honest feedback and maybe a bit of signposting occasionally.

The photograph is the first I took after receiving the course notes, the magazine wanted a image for their “contributors page”. I wonder what the gesture here means? I have taken the model of this blog from Catherine – whose blog has been venerated.


8 thoughts on “The start

  1. I think it’s rather a good picture. You look a little wary, but at the same time are looking very directly at the viewer. It’s that slight ambiguity that makes it interesting.

    Best of luck with the course. I look forward to following vicariously while I follow my landscape explorations (with perhaps the odd detour).

    Please let me know when the play is to be shown – I’d love to get along to one of your productions some time. this one may not be practical but I’d like to try. If you put the details on the OCA forums nearer to the time you might get some additional attendees from that source also.

    Now, back to finalising my assessment materials…

  2. Thanks Eileen. The courses appears as big tasks at the moment – but I’m looking forward to them. As for the play I’m not sure anyone will want to come this far into the sticks – but nice thought. Yes, assessment finalising will occupy me for a few days also. Good luck with yours.

  3. Hi John

    I will be very interested to see what you make of Gesture and Meaning. You are one of the very first students on this course and it is a course I have wanted to see added to the degree pathway since joining the OCA over four years ago. Good luck and let us know how you find it.



    • Hello Gareth, so far so good!I’ve been looking forward to this for a while and the course notes certainly give me a lot of inspiration. I wonder if any other G&M students would like to get together virtually? Is that something you could help with?

  4. Hi John,

    Just a note to say I’ve also just started G & M, I saw your blog before geting my course notes so it was a good heads up. Having said that I’m also doing PWDP at the same time so i may be taking this one a bit slower.

  5. Impossible… ha ha! I only took a cursory glance at the later stuff and will deal with that later – assuming I get that far – good luck and stay in touch.

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